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Interchangable Side-Angle Plates

The Razor-Tune side edge angle is set by interchangeable angle plates on the bottom of the tool.  The plates are large to provide stability and consistent edge angle.  The standard kits come with a 3° plate for racing and a 2° plate for recreational skiers.  Custom angle plates are available upon request at no charge.

Abrasive Wheel

The abrasive wheel uses a synthetic super-abrasive that provides better dry-grinding than diamond.  It grinds through work-hardened rock hits with ease.

Ease of Use

Tune Flat-Mounted

The Razor-Tune tool is designed to be used while the ski is mounted flat in a vice. This has two advantages.  First, it makes the process much more stable than using standard edge file guides. So, there is much less risk of accidentally tipping the tool over the edge.  Second, you can now sharpen, wipe down, and wax without ever having to change positions in the vices.


Spring-Loaded Abrasive Wheel

An internal spring automatically sets the tension of the wheel against the ski edge. This eliminates any adjustment by the user making it super easy to use and almost error-proof. 


Razor-Tune's finger indents and rubber grips are sized to fit both small and large hands. The tool is weight balanced and rests flat on the ski base making the entire process stable and less prone to side angle mistakes.  It is designed to be comfortable for both left and right handed operators.

Razor-Tuned Edge
(Magnified 60x)

Razor-Tune vs. Hand Tuning

The Razor-Tune edge guides are positioned so that only the downward-spinning side of the wheel contacts the ski edge.  This allows the tool to easily follow the curve of the ski and ensures that the wheel is always grinding metal down and away from the ski base.  This provides a beautifully consistent, mirror-like surface finish with no burr. It also allows the tool to be used in either direction along the edge (even back and forth over trouble spots).

Compare the Razor-Tuned smooth edge to the grooves in the hand filed edge.

Hand Filed Edge
(Magnified 60x)
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